Anxiety – Digestive System issue

“The benefits received from a Face Reflexology session are difficult to quantify.  After trying it, I believe that the merits can vary drastically in terms of the scope of issues this therapy is able to address.  I recently had my first treatment and found the experience my body had to be quite complex and multifaceted.  I am a highly anxious individual with a strong connection between my emotions and digestive system.  PeiPei used this information to soothe my shattered nerves and cure my unsettled gut.  Going into the appointment I was experiencing very high levels of distress, but halfway through I had the sense of awaking from a dream and reality clicking into place; my anxieties melted away and a soothing calmness and sense of security washed over me.  PeiPei was able to reach something inside of me that had been unsettled for a long time and restore it.  I am very excited about further exploring the possibilities of reflexology and wouldn’t hesitate in calling PeiPei with any health ailments that come my way!”– S Davies, 2011/12 (university student)

Bell’s Palsy for 10 years

“After only 5 Face Reflexology treatments with PeiPei, I found my facial nerve starting to move slightly more than before.  I also felt my face starting to re-balance after 10 years of being off.  Very encouraging!”
“Additionally, and not related to the Bell’s Palsy, if you would like to feel more relaxed and sleep like a baby at night, try one hour of her treatment and let me know in the morning how that sleep was!”
– L Pateropoulos, 2012/02 (Avenue Road Advertising)

Tinnitus & Anxiety

“At my first Face Reflexology treatment with PeiPei, I felt this burst of energy, but at the same time, I felt a calmness and a little lighter, as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders.  My husband and son commented that my face looked so much better, more alive, gone was the tired sick look.”

Before I had my second treatment, I had developed another health condition (ringing in my ears).  PeiPei gave some additional attention to that area of my ears.  Within the next 24 hours much to my pleasant surprise, the ringing was 95% gone!”

“PeiPei I cannot thank you enough for making me feel better and more importantly taking the time to explain how Reflexology works with the body.  I have no doubt this will speed up my recovery time and lessen my dependency on prescribed medications.” – T Perzia, 2012/02 (Finance)


Look and Feel at your best Much Balanced Lifestyle

My loyal client“I have tried many therapeutic body/face treatments around the world, nothing compares to Face Reflexology.  You can feel the positive energy through PeiPei’s care.  My wife and I have benefited so much from her knowledge.  I will recommend everyone to visit PeiPei at least once in your life time!”  

R Alomar, 2012/11 (Baseball Hall of Fame )

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