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Drawing from both my backgrounds in esthétiques and Reflexology, I wanted to develop a facial  that would have both therapeutic and superficial beauty benefits.  All of my facial services now incorporate this dual system.

Regular facial treatments are ideal for those who experience high stress resulted in bad skin.  Take time to treat yourself or your male friend for a facial, so men understand why women are crazy about it.

Note: A clean shaved face for men is recommended.


1. Harmonizing Facial

  • This mini facial is a teaser for the facial newbies!  You will experience the proper cleansing, exfoliating with the choice of steamer, relaxing facial massage, finish with the balancing touch!
  • 30 min $45  
  • For someone who is highly stressed and needs the luxury pamper, this facial is the best pick.  The 45 min facial massage incorporates the unique reflex techniques. 
  • 60 min $85
  • 90 min $125


2. Japanese Facelift treatment

10 Japanese facelift facial treatments, twice a week!


  • This natural face-lift treatment is the extension of Face Reflexology.
  • You can consider this as “face yoga” – muscle stimulation and lifting, as well as proper toxin drainage.
  • We start with a personalized cleanse, exfoliation, and then extend to a 50 min relaxation. 
  • 80 min $105 


3.  Gold Facial

result from one gold facial treatment only!


  • Thorough cleansing, proper exfoliation, application of 4 gold sheets on the face, continue the Face Reflexology or Japanese Facelift treatment.
  • One of the most popular reasons for using gold in skin care is the property of reducing the sign of aging.
  • 90 min $250


Benefits of Facials

I personally have been receiving facials since my late twenties, and I certainly see the results now in my forties.  If you can be proactive about facial treatment early on, you will be very thankful in the years to come.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  And remember, the harm you do to your body today will accumulate and show itself in five years and beyond.  What can you do to keep your body and skin looking amazing?  Try some of these tips which I use in my treatments and for myself:

  • Choose organic products with natural aromas, no harsh chemicals, and those that are made of pure and simple ingredients
  • Using hot towels (in my facial services) to further clear the pores, relax and comfort the skin
  • Knowing more about extraction practice
  • When using any products, allow time for penetration (at least 10 minutes for face)


Addressing the Signs of Aging and Recommendations

“Men sacrifice his health in order to make money.  Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

I have seen many male and female clients of mine who get unwanted wrinkles at an early age.  There is a relation between internal health and appearance.  However, in order to minimize the existing fine lines, and in an effort to prevent further wrinkling, I recommend a series of Japanese Cosmo Facelift facials.  Working this into your regular routine will have wonderful benefits!

For those who want to look and feel 10 years younger instantly without surgery or painful chemicals, I recommend a series of Gold facials.  Pure 24 K Gold has a long history of being used in cosmetics in Asia culture.  Pure gold is safe to use on the skin and penetrates into the blood stream fast, reducing puffiness, imperfections, and restoring elasticity and youthful glow.


Why Facials?

Many will argue that facials are an indulgent practice.  Some cite that their parents or ancestors never had to use special products nor special treatments, and even with simple washing still had beautiful skin.  Are you lucky like that?  If not, please take the following factors into consideration:

  • The environment has changed.  Our water, air and food (especially in major cities) are full of pollutants and chemicals that were not existent in the past.  These affect our bodies and skin everyday.
  • This culture experiences levels of stress and anxiety that are higher than any other time in history.  Our pace of life has changed, and stress is a major factor for skin.
  • You deserve it!  A treatment with both esthetic and therapeutic benefits will not only make you look your best, but make you feel  healthy and confident.
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