Stress & Anxiety

Stress: The Growing Epidemic!

We all know that stress is a growing concern in our society, and the negative effects it has on our minds and bodies.  Stress is now viewed as one of the leading causes of illness and disease, and is a major cause of imbalance.  Increased stress, anxiety and tension can tighten the cardiovascular system and inhibit proper blood flow (which is essential in removing wastes and toxins from the body).  Reflexology reduces stress by relaxing, rebalancing and increasing circulation.  Relaxing and re-invigorating energy pathways supplies the body with much needed energy that leads to healing.  Almost every ailment starts from an internal stress.  The human body doesn’t discriminate between a big stress or a little one.  Regardless of the significance, stress affects the weakest organ in predictable ways, which can create complications within the organ.


I have been plagued by Anxiety and Stress issues since adolescence.  I have tried anti-depressants, long-term work with therapists, and more.  With a very hectic work schedule and a long distance relationship, my stress levels are often high.  But I really didn’t want to turn back to conventional medication.  A friend of mine suggested I try Reflexology as she had success with the treatments while dealing with her own anxiety after her mother’s death.  I met with PeiPei and we discussed my concerns, and how my struggles with anxiety also affected my overall health – sleeping, digestion and more.  Even after one session I felt immediate relief.  My head felt clearer, and I noticed better sleep patterns right away.  I now see PeiPei every week.  I feel the best I’ve felt in years.  It’s like a miracle!– L Davis, 2012 (Advertising)

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