Facial Paralysis

Danish woman, in 19 Treatments of Face Reflex Therapy to regain her life from car accident!

This Danish woman was a nurse before the accident.  She almost lost the will of living after a year being dependent during the recovery.  Her last hope was the Face Reflex Therapy, performed by Lone Sorensen.  And as you can see from the photo, she regained her eye sight after 5 sessions (in the middle of the picture) and looked even better than before after the 19th session.

Another case of Bell’s Palsy in Toronto

“After being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, I turned to alternative treatments to help me heal. Acupuncture initially helped, but the needles stressed my condition. Research then led me to PeiPei for face reflexology. With a total of nine sessions, I noticed a massive turnaround in my health and wellbeing. Today, my face is 98% back to normal. I highly recommend this technique as it is fast, non-invasive and drug free.” – V. Holder Oct  15, 2014

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