What is the difference between Massage and Reflexology treatment?

Massage therapy works on the muscles and tissues to get rid of tension.  Reflexology treatment  involves working on different layers of the skin to assess any imbalances.  Excellent massage therapists often use additional techniques to enhance their treatment, such as Reflexology or acupuncture, depending on their level of expertise.  The best way to know the difference is to try it.

What can I do if my insurance policy does not cover Reflexology?

Pick up the phone and tell your insurance company how much you benefit from Reflexology treatments and request coverage.  Earlier this year, a client of my peers’ who received Reflexology treatments on a regular basis called her benefit provider and learned they did not cover Reflexology.  After a conversation, the insurance company agreed to put Reflexology coverage under her policy!  It may not always be this easy, but talk to your HR or benefit provider.

How long will it take before my particular ailment improves?

Like many other forms of treatments, Reflexology treatment is a process.  Though you are likely to notice some of the key benefits right away, you will notice the greatest progress over time.

What do I do if I have further questions about Reflexology or the treatments offered?

Check on my Resources and don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.

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