The Total Reflex Philosophy

The philosophy behind Total Reflex Therapy is simple: your body is an amazing complex micro-universe that has the power to heal itself.  This healing power can be enhanced by receiving Reflexology treatments.  Ultimately, Total Reflex Therapy may prevent illnesses and revitalize your overall well-being.  It makes me so happy to witness the amazing results that can be achieved through the natural and safe practice of Reflexology treatment.  While I believe all therapies from East to West have their benefits, my philosophy is that if there is a natural alternative that works effectively for certain minor ailments, this route should be explored first.  That is not to say conventional western medicines are unnecessary.  This area of medicine has seen incredible advanced over the last century, but there are limitations.  For highly serious or advanced health issues, conventional medicine is often necessary, but for other issues – especially where there is a mental or emotional connection – natural treatments such as Reflexology are ideal to achieve optimum health.

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