Balance life with Reflexology!


Our lives are hectic – that’s the way we like it. But with the busy comes stress and as well all know too well, stress leads to an assortment of unwelcomed effects. From depression to anxiety, constipation and insomnia, leading busy lives can take its toll. That’s where Reflexology comes in to balance it all out.

Reflexology is care for our minds and bodies. It treats stress, tension and provides a natural immune and defense support system. It resets our mental, social and physical balance. When you take the time for Reflexology, you are making a statement to your body – that you care.

  • Personal Cases

    "After being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, I turned to alternative treatments to help me heal. Acupuncture initially helped, but the needles stressed my condition. Research then led me to PeiPei for face reflexology..."

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  • Testimonials

    “I have tried many therapeutic body/face treatments around the world, nothing compares to Face Reflexology. You can feel the positive energy through PeiPei’s care. My wife and I have benefited so much from her knowledge...”

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